Using disposable medical technology to aid the most poor

One exceptionally important way that advantages in medical technology are helping the world’s most poor is with the use of disposable pieces of medical technology. Disposable medical devices are far cheaper than devices that can be reused, and they do not require an aid program to purchase equipment to reuse the items. They also mean that a team can work in more remote locations, and they allow far greater ease while attempting to prevent the spread of diseases from patient to patient.

Aid Relief

John Hope believes the latest innovations in technology overall have helped considerably with accessibility and affordability of medical technology. One common way that cheaper medical technology is helping to reach persons in poor areas is that there is generally far less infrastructure associated with having to bring the tech to the field. This is generally because the items can simply be thrown away, and as a result they do not need to be sterilized in a medical fashion. As a result, it is possible for a team of aid workers to setup a treatment program in an isolated area, and not have to bring things like washers and sterilizers with them. A team can simply bring a large number of syringes, gloves, gowns, individually wrapped medicines, and what other items that they need in order to help persons. This has allowed for the treatment of persons who are isolated away from roads, or simply persons who happen to live in an economically depressed part of a city. The biggest example of this is the use of syringes, which has greatly prevented the spread of diseases like HIV.

The second major advantage of having cheap disposable medical items is that it greatly helps to prevent the spread of a variety of different kinds of diseases. By being able to avoid having to use the same pieces of equipment on multiple patients means that the device will not be the source from which a disease is transferred. It can even allow for a doctor to quickly change the instruments that they use on different parts of a patient’s body. This will help to prevent things like rashes spreading.

The use of disposable medical devices has the major advantage of preventing the spread of diseases that are called by prions. Prions are a type of exceptionally small protein particle that are the cause of things like Mad Cow Disease and several different kinds of brain diseases. These type of diseases are not destroyed by the heat of a medical grade steamer, and as a result it is exceptionally easy to spread the diseases with reused pieces of medical equipment.